Custom and Semi-custom Designs for OEM Products

Due to the experience of our engineering staff in the field of AC Power Conversion, ASEA Power Systems can offer both custom and semi-custom power conversion equipment.

For many applications, minor (cosmetic) modifications to the existing product lines may satisfy the customers requirements. Paint colors, labeling, and software may be easily changed, presenting a unique personality to a product. This path is the most cost-effective in supporting OEM private label agreements or military "COTS" programs.

For those applications demanding a custom design from specification, our staff can provide partial to complete design and manufacturing support. Due to the modular nature of our standard product, many new and unique products can be packaged, while still retaining a proven electrical design.

Although our staff is capable of offering this service in other areas of electronic design, ASEA Power Systems prefers to restrict custom designs to the field of AC Power Conversion.

"I would like to take this opportunity to highly commend the team at ASEA Power Systems. The company's products and after sales service are exceptional.

ASEA Power Systems were contracted to supply a 72Kva converter system with integrated seamless power transfer. To accomplish this they manufactured two wall hugger 36Kva units that were spilt into a master and slave. The seamless power transfer is flawless and has worked with out a hitch since taking delivery. We are now able to transfer from ship to ship, ship to shore or shore to ship without compromising power during change over. The system is very simple to operate and fully programmable, in the event we loose shore power a generator auto starts and restores power faster than some-one can check a shore breaker.

ASEA is pro-active in their after sales service and has improved and upgraded software with out prompting. Technical support and customer service has been unsurpassed. I personally recommend ASEA systems if you want a company that manufactures excellent equipment and stands by it in support and service."

Justin Dubowitz

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